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Walk away walk away: no more globalization

February 8, 2019

Last year saw us almost paralyzed by a lack of interest in global studies in social studies frameworks and in the general political atmosphere.  We retreated, did not publish your Newsletter and were terribly discouraged.  Do we end our engagement with global studies? Do we shutter our website?  It seemed that no one wanted to learn about the rest of the world.

And then within days of each other I read three articles about globalization that helped me to recommit to the ‘cause’.

The thing is that frameworks and politicians lag the real world as these three articles show. Trade wars, immigration policy, closed borders aside, look at what kids are actually doing, how they are living their lives – playing games online with others from around the world, using devices with technologies sourced and transferred seamlessly across borders.  The flows of digital goods and services are under counted or even not accounted for when traditional politicians and economists refer to globalization. While we might be withdrawing from the rest of the world, other countries are moving ahead to join in trade networks, opening markets for each other’s goods and continue to work with each other. In many ways the benefits of technology driven globalization have been uneven with increasing income inequalities.  We need to make sure that our children can hold their own in this world.

Have a look at these recent articles:

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