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“Bringing you the best online resources about India”

March 26, 2008

“Bringing you the best online resources about India” – the tag line of the Newsletter of the Teach India Project – There are any number of excellent websites with content about India but you have to buy a subscription.  Nor are they for the home user.  These resources are for the institutional user where there is a wide audience who can all pick and choose among the offerings.  The online resources we refer you to are freely accessible and are exactly what you need for the theme. 

Christmas Tree

December 4, 2007

Do you have a Christmas/holiday tree at your house? I do and we enjoy putting it up every year along with the decorations for the season. I think it is an important part of living in a different culture and raising multi cultural kids to participate in such a celebration. It is great that you have lights on Diwali but it my view it is just as important to have decorations/ to mark Christmas.I was telling one of my friends about the tree. She said she did not believe in having a tree in her house. In her opinions Christmas is a religious celebration. So anything related to that like a tree, gifts etc is religious. As a non Christian, that is not the message she wants to give her child. She has explained to her child that they do not celebrate Christmas. What is your opinion? Should non Christians have a tree? Should Santa visit these kids?  Is having a tree following a different religion?

Share feedback about the latest issue of the Newsletter

October 11, 2007

From one of our readers: “I really enjoyed this issue.  Being a new yoga convert, I found all the links inspirational!  I’m going to forward it to my …. friends who are taking yoga with me, and I’ll tell my yoga teacher about the newsletter when I see her on Thursday. “

What do you think about the Newsletter?

October 11, 2007

Are there topics that you would like us to cover?  Are there topics that might be useful for school or help with homework?

To be a for-profit or non-profit

October 11, 2007

We debated and talked to many people about the ‘business model’ we wanted to adopt.  In the end it was a question of alignment with our audience and the segments we want to serve and work with.  These are schools, museums, teachers, parents, writers.  Then there is the question of the sensibility that being a non-profit brings to the work we want to accomplish.  There is certainly a higher mission that we aspire to.  And being a non-profit allows us to pursue it unapologetically.

Learning Hindi

October 4, 2007

Someone I know looked at the website of the Teach India Project and said dismissively, “There’s nothing for me here.”  I asked him what he was looking for.  “I want to teach my grandson Hindi and you don’t teach an Indian language.  I want to show him that banana is ‘kela’ and an elephant is a ‘hathi’.”  I sent him my copy of the Incredibles dubbed in Hindi.  I wonder if he will watch it with his grandson.