What do you think about the Newsletter?


Are there topics that you would like us to cover?  Are there topics that might be useful for school or help with homework?

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2 Responses to “What do you think about the Newsletter?”

  1. Manisha Says:

    I think you are doing an excellent job with the newsletter. The links are very useful and the site is very hands on, even for my 9 year old. The holiday newsletter with ideas of compiling family stories was really nice and we did manage to get a few. The kids can add to them on every visit to India.I still need to accomplish the success at my end where I fit going through the newsletters each month amongst all the childrens activities and play times with friends.

    Introducing some of the famous Indians (historically and today) would be nice every once in a while. We have zero Indian history covered at school level.

    Its a bit late this month, we have been working on Diwali celebrations at our school and I am trying to source pictures which would show the kids how the festival is celebrated in India today. Also, does anyone know a source for getting the ramayan character face masks in India? I came across a school using paper mache ones which was a fantastic way of narrating the story of Diwali.

  2. Vinita Shah Says:

    Here are some ideas we are working on – An idea for the near future is to have photograph albums on our website – as you suggested – to show pictures of real people celebrating feativals and other important occasions. We have a picture album for Holi – a friend generously donated her family pictures and we will share it with our readers soon. Maybe some of our readers would like to send us pictures and photographs?

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