To be a for-profit or non-profit


We debated and talked to many people about the ‘business model’ we wanted to adopt.  In the end it was a question of alignment with our audience and the segments we want to serve and work with.  These are schools, museums, teachers, parents, writers.  Then there is the question of the sensibility that being a non-profit brings to the work we want to accomplish.  There is certainly a higher mission that we aspire to.  And being a non-profit allows us to pursue it unapologetically.

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One Response to “To be a for-profit or non-profit”

  1. Krishnan Says:

    This is a very interesting topic. I heard Mohammed Yunus on NPR a few days ago and he talks about “Social Business”
    In my opinion a non-profit should not lose its competitive edge and become dependent on fund-raising alone (it should work on creating a revenue source). Business done with altruistic intent does as much if not more for the community.
    Congratulations on the blog and the newsletter. Thank you for your service to the community.

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