Learning Hindi


Someone I know looked at the website of the Teach India Project and said dismissively, “There’s nothing for me here.”  I asked him what he was looking for.  “I want to teach my grandson Hindi and you don’t teach an Indian language.  I want to show him that banana is ‘kela’ and an elephant is a ‘hathi’.”  I sent him my copy of the Incredibles dubbed in Hindi.  I wonder if he will watch it with his grandson. 

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One Response to “Learning Hindi”

  1. sujamthe Says:


    Amazing story! Most parents or grandparents wish to teach an Indian language to their children because the language is what carries their cultural habits.

    Its interesting and amusing to see your humane response. Maybe you can partner with the people who brought Incredibles dubbed in Hindi to bring content to your site.

    I am glad you started the blog, it brings out your passion for this work, good luck and we’d love to see more of your work. Let us readers know how exactly we can help with this project.


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